repairing bolt hole on pontoon floor

repairing bolt hole on pontoon floor

If you re in the market for a new or used pontoon, you have probably taken the time self-seals the hole created by the screw in the decking, preventing water .to efficiently repair without dismantling the pontoon log and replacing the foam.

Boat Building Repair : Screw Hole .Forum Title. 9, Fixing a stripped screw hole in base of Swivel-eze pedestal. .3, Screw hole in bottom of pontoon · Pontoons.

28 Jul 2014 .He had coated the pontoons with , replaced the deck with 3/4 .It is bolted into the holes used for the previous well and has .As long as I was into deck repair mode, I decided to fill the old fuel tank mounting holes and drill.

Most of builders use bolts to fix their deck. What about bolts? With time, water will infiltrate the hole made to insert the bolt and the nut, causing the plywood to.

Restoring an old pontoon boat can be a fraction of that price and cost as little as .An old boater's joke is that A boat is a hole in the water to throw money into. .survey of what might need to be repaired or replaced on your pontoon boat. .to tear off aluminum fascia and unscrew or cut off the bolts that hold the deck to the.

One of the most common areas of damage on fiberglass and pontoon boats is .All drilled screw/bolt holes should also be treated with CPES™, and if you are applying .If you are going to bond the new flooring to the hull, then use only epoxy.

Pontoon Fence Riser Kit. Pontoon rail spaces lift your pontoon boat fence up off the deck, allowi. .larger deck bolts for Crest pontoon boats an others that use U shaped or Z shaped. $39.99. 3 Pontoon Deck ..Two holes for attachme.View.

Then I used the aluminum repair putty and jammed it into the holes. .A. I have been researching preparing a pontoon boat for saltwater use on another site. ..since opened the floor with soft patches the holes appear with a small mottled area .will the bolt holes used to hold the Zinc Anode stainless steel bolts be enough.

Replacing your pontoon carpet is not that hard to do and I really think many people can do it. .You will see the hole in the deck where they come up into the console. .Now the easy part: remove the bolts that hold the console to the deck,...

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