is plastic fence better than wood

When it comes time to replace your old fence or put one up for the first time, you How are vinyl fences better than wood fences? Compare the pros and cons of different kinds of fences with the buying tips in this free video about fence inst.

Looking to install a privacy fence in our backyard. We re between PVC or wood (red cedar) and I m wondering what the advantage is of picking one over.

Feb 10, 2014 .Wood is a classic, but it's high-maintenance. Vinyl is durable but expensive. Which is best? We re pitting wood vs vinyl fencing in a head-to-head match.

On the other hand, cold weather may cause problems for vinyl. The vinyl expands and contracts during changing weather conditions, producing cracks in the vinyl. But generally speaking, vinyl withstands the elements better than wood.

Vinyl is nearly five times as strong as wood and thus it takes much more to bring down a vinyl fence than a wooden one. The flexibility of vinyl makes it a good choice in places that witness extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and .

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