waterproof upper deck

How to Waterproof an Upper Level Deck to Make a Dry Storage Area Underneath With appropriate upkeep your roof can avert certain tears or leaks which may possib…

Are you facing the dilemma of waterproofing a wood deck after it has been built? It's an easy thing to overlook during the design stage as you are usually so focused on all the great things you are going to be doing on the deck area above.

Answered by Polly Osborne, FAIA, LEED AP: Dear Janice, Open decks above living spaces have had many .The secret to a successful deck/roof is a good system of waterproofing and drainage, correctly installed and .

Under-deck waterproofing systems provide a moisture-proof barrier that prevents rainwater from dripping down from the spaces between deck boards onto a deck or patio located directly beneath an upper .

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